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Jean was born, raised and educated in Texas and got her first Nikon at 19. Ahe soon became intrigued with the likes of Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, and W. Eugene Smith, admiring their spontaneity, use of light and the concept of the "decisive moment". She spent several years in Asia and Europe working as a fashion model to bankroll her wanderlust as an aspiring photojournalist. She took her camera through Asia, Africa, and Europe, ironically, ending up in Los Angeles doing interior design and architectural photography. She adores her clients and refers to them as the "design elite". She is always amazed by their vision and feels fortunate to be able to document such talent.

Jean has lived in Los Angeles for 26 years and has, what she considers her greatest creations. Her two children Alex and Madeline: both bright, wonderful and creative souls.

Remodeling and Home Design  Remodeling and Home Design